MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man allegedly made off with thousands of dollars after depositing several fake checks at a Whitehaven Regions Bank.

Kevin Butler, 21, is facing forgery and theft of property charges.

According to Memphis Police, a banker working at the Regions at East Shelby Drive and Elvis Presley Boulevard filed a police report on August 17.

The banker reportedly told police that Butler opened an account with the bank on July 29 and deposited a $5,265 check from Shelby County Trustee. Police say Butler got $3,000 in cash from the deposit.

Memphis Police say Butler deposited three more checks between August 1 and August 22. That included a $2,400 check from Shelby County Trustee, a $5,683.60 check from a corporate Regions account, and a $938.51 check from a corporate Regions account.

Police say all of the checks were fake.

Memphis Police say an investigator met with a member of Regions Bank’s corporate security team and learned the two Shelby County Trustee checks had been altered to be paid to Butler.

Police say the two checks from the corporate Region accounts were counterfeit. Investigators reportedly received the original checks along with other documents, a statement and surveillance photos.

According to Memphis Police, Butler was identified because he had been arrested at the bank for a separate incident involving a fake check on August 17.

Memphis Police say the funds in Butler’s account were depleted. Regions Bank reportedly lost a total of $13,358.60.