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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A bold thief was caught on camera stealing a high price tire and rim from a business on Getwell near I-240 Saturday morning.

On a sign at Memphis Tire and Wheels, it plainly reads “You need it, we got it”, but it appears from security camera video that a suspected thief needed and got an expensive rim and tire from a sidewalk display without paying.

“He just took the tire and the wheel and like 15 hundred dollars…the price for these things. He put it in his car and he just left,” said Mohammed Abusharar, owner of Memphis Tire and Wheels.

It started when a potential customer in a late model Ford Fusion came looking for a new tire and rim.

“It was like size 22′ and we start to speak about new tires and used tires,” Abusharar said.

He said the customer didn’t like the quoted price and said he’d be back.

Ten minutes later, it wasn’t the driver but apparently, an accomplice who strolled across the parking lot, hoisted the $1,500 rim and tire, wrestled it into the back of the Ford Fusion, and took off north on Getwell.

Employees witnessed the theft and were outraged. Abusharar, who said the entire set of four tires and rims would normally cost six grand, believes the thieves just ended up wasting their time.

“From my experience, it will not fit his car. It was like a, excuse my language, a stupid decision, what he did,” Abusharar said.

Police are looking for a dark-colored late-model Ford Fusion. At the time of the theft, the front passenger’s side tire was a temporary spare. Security cameras did not get a picture of the license plate.

If you’ve seen this car, you’re urged to call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.

Photo of suspected thief taking a rim and tire from Memphis Tire and Wheels (provided photo)