MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A man is being charged for shooting up his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend’s home on multiple occasions.

According to Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, on January 28, deputies responded to a shooting call at a house in Millington where they found 12 9-millimeter shell casings in the roadway.

The victim stated her 19-year-old son had just left the house two hours before the shooting, reports say. No one was injured.

On March 25, deputies responded to the same house regarding a shooting call where the victim stated she and her children were in the house when they heard several gunshots, which started flying into her home.

Reports say the victim’s 14-year-old son was hit by a bullet and later treated on the scene by the Shelby County Fire Department. Detectives found 12 9-mm shell casings in the roadway again and 2 projectiles from inside the home.

On April 14, deputies responded to the house again regarding a shooting where the victim says she and her children were inside the house when they heard gunshots being fired.

The victim showed detectives video footage of the shooting, displaying a light-colored SUV stopping in front of the house before an individual got out and started shooting at the home.

On April 19, detectives were provided with information that the victim’s eldest son’s girlfriend knew who the repeat shooter was. Reports say the girlfriend showed detectives multiple text messages and photos of the house that she received from an anonymous number, which also made threats to shoot at the house. She suspected the shooter was her ex-boyfriend, Kendrick Powell.

Detectives discovered that the shell casings from two of the three shootings were linked to the NIBIN Hits that were tied to the reported suspect, Powell.

Detectives say they were later able to track the vehicle of interest, which was in the area during the shooting, back to Powell’s residence in Cordova.

On April 28, reports say an arrest warrant was issued for Powell and he was detained at his home where detectives found two 9mm guns. One of the guns was in Powell’s bedroom.

Powell was taken to the General Investigations Bureau Headquarters where he confessed to being present during the shooting and was the driver in the vehicle of interest. He also admitted that he shot up the house out of retaliation toward his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend.

The guns used in the incident were seized in the MPD property room and the vehicle was towed to the Shelby County Crime scene bay for further processing.

Powell is being charged with Domestic Assault-Bodily Harm, Stalking, Harassment, Possession of a Firearm/Dangerous Felony, 3 counts of Reckless Endangerment-Deadly Weapon, 9 counts of Aggravated Assault, and 9 counts of Criminal Attempt-First Degree Murder,