MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is accused of shooting the mother of his child while his daughter was inside a home in Frayser.

Police say Charles Tolan was at the home when he become angry for an unknown reason and pulled a gun. The person at the end of the barrel was the mother of his child.

According to police, she was shot in the back as she tried getting away, forcing her to leave her daughter inside the home.

It’s alleged Tolan snapped and accused the victim of trying to kill him and their daughter.

A neighbor we talked to heard the commotion along Cassie Avenue. Surprisingly, other neighbors watched it play out. However, the victim said they began running away as she was “running for her life.”

“I heard some gunshots,” said the neighbor who didn’t want to be identified. “Nobody was trying to help her. At first, I was kind of skeptical, but dude was behind her.”

Another neighbor who lives a block away along Edgar was willing to help. He comforted the victim while calling police. The man said he didn’t know what he was thinking but he knew he needed to help.

“I was like ‘Man, if he is going to shoot, if he is going to shoot, he might as well shoot me too,” he said.

Before police arrived, some sitting on their porch began laughing at Tolan, who turned the gun on them. No one was hit.

Charles Tolan was arrested and charged with attempted murder. He is also facing charges for aggravated assault and a firearms offense. He is set to face a judge Tuesday.