MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been charged with five counts of aggravated assault after officers say he shot at a vehicle with his child in the car.

The incident happened in March at Jonetta Street and Hewlett Road in Southwest Memphis.

Officers said a woman, her nephew, boyfriend and two children, ages five and eight, were all inside of a car at a four-way stop when two other vehicles pulled up and began firing shots towards their vehicle.

The woman’s boyfriend told officers that he recognized one of the suspects as the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Bobby Spears, and he saw Spears exit his vehicle and fire shots towards their car.

MPD said two other suspects also fired shots from the inside of a vehicle.

The woman’s boyfriend then sped away to Delta Road and called police. At least 14 shell casings were found on the scene, according to court documents.

No injuries were reported.

Officers later found out that Spears is the father of the woman’s five-year-old child.

The woman’s boyfriend also told officers that he and Spears got into an argument earlier that day, and he knew Spears because they both have a child by the same woman.

Spears is expected to appear in court on May 2.