MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and rape after a woman said she was held against her will for days at a Memphis motel.

William Smith, 53, is also facing charges of aggravated assault and domestic assault.

The victim said she willingly came to Memphis with Smith at the end of last month and said they checked in to several different hotels. Wednesday, police found her at a motel in the 3000 block of Lamar Avenue.

The woman said she asked Smith a number of times to take her home, and said he refused, threatened her with a gun, and raped her. She said Smith also hit and choked her when she questioned him about a phone call.

The victim said she never tried to escape because she was afraid and said Smith took the sim card to her cell phone after she dropped it in a toilet.

The victim said Smith was gone when she woke up Wednesday, and she went to hotel staff for help.

Police haven’t said where the victim is from or how she met Smith.

Smith is being held on a $100,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on May 4.