MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police say an intoxicated man walked into a downtown restaurant, propositioned another man for sex, then harassed customers and fired several gunshots.

Trevion Guy, 26, is in the Shelby County Jail, charged with aggravated assault.

Police say Sunday around 8 p.m., Guy came into the Wingman restaurant at Madison Avenue and Second Street. He asked a man if he could perform a sex act on him.

When that man became angry, Guy allegedly began harassing people outside the restaurant. A manager asked him to leave, at which point Guy allegedly fired two shots, then came back inside waving a gun.

Patrons ran outside or locked themselves in bathrooms. Guy allegedly ran out of the business, firing a shot in the air as he left.

At 11:30 that night, police say Guy came back into the restaurant and sat down at a table. An employee called the police.

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He was booked into jail Monday on $110,000 bond.