MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been arrested after he was accused of firing shots at an Orange Mound car wash.

Memphis Police say Larry Bowman, 51, is accused of shooting at two men at a car wash on Lamar Avenue near Barron Avenue.

Police say the shooting happened March 8. One of the victims reportedly told officers he was standing in the car wash bay when a black Dodge Ram pulled up. Memphis Police say two men got out of the Dodge Ram and started shooting at him.

The victim reportedly took cover underneath his vehicle. Police say another man, who was also washing car at the time, was able to look at the shooters. One of the shooters reportedly started firing shots at that man as well.

Memphis Police say the shooters then got back into their truck, drove behind the car wash, and continued firing shots. No one was injured in the shooting.

Investigators believe only one of the victims was the intended target.

Police say one of the victims recognized Bowman as the passenger in the Dodge Ram. Bowman and the victim reportedly had an altercation in October of 2021.

Memphis Police say the other victim also identified Bowman as the passenger who fired shots at him.

Bowman is now facing two counts of attempted first degree murder and one count of employing a firearm to commit a felony.

This week, Memphis Police spoke about the impact gun violence has on the city.

“We’re fed up with gun crime,” said Don Crowe, assistant chief of the Memphis Police Department. “Our heart aches for the survivors for the non-fatal shootings because those lives are impacted. Never forget even the families of the suspect are impacted, it affects everyone in the community.”

There is no word on whether the other shooter has been arrested.