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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man accused of pushing another man out of a car and dragging him down the road is behind bars after being on the run for months.

It’s been a long three months for one family living in a Raleigh neighborhood. 

The incident happened in July along McGowan road. 

Memphis Police said Jalonnie Williams, 27, came to the victim’s home looking for the victim’s daughter. 

According to police reports, Williams previously had gotten into an argument with his then-girlfriend over who was going to put gas into her vehicle. 

Court documents stated he threatened her with a gun, ran over her with her car, and then stole her vehicle. 

She was able to get away.

When Williams came looking for her, police said she was still in the hospital due to that assault.

Court documents said her father went outside to speak to Williams while other people inside the home called the police. However, when the witnesses returned, Williams, the victim, and the stolen car he was driving were gone.

The victim was later found laying in the middle road with serious injuries to his head and body. MPD said Williams pushed the victim out of the car and drug him down the street. 

It’s unclear how he got the victim in the vehicle. 

We spoke to the witness who was there when everything happened. He didn’t want to be identified, but he said the victim is still in the hospital.

According to Memphis police, he has not regained consciousness.

The witness said everyone involved has been trying to move forward the best way they can since the incident. 

Williams, who has a criminal history filled with previous domestic assaults, faces several charges for both including attempted murder. 

He is in jail on a $290,000 bond.