MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested after police say he robbed two people in Nutbush and Berclair this week.

Detectives say Monday morning, after a woman dropped her daughter off at school, she returned to her Macon Road apartment only to find she was not alone.

It’s alleged Michael Jones, armed with a gun, forced her into her bedroom and ordered her to undress. The woman regained control when she started talking to Jones about sexually transmitted diseases. He let the woman go after taking her phone, wallet, and keys.

Half-a-mile away, the 25-year-old is said to committed another robbery the next day. This time, a man sitting in his car at the Macon Manor Apartments was targeted. His wallet, keys and phone were stolen.

It’s alleged Jones traveled five miles to North Trezevant, where he was found sleeping. He unknowingly helped police track him as one of stolen phones was pinged and found inside his car.

He will face a judge on serious charges, including attempted rape and robbery.

We spoke to a supervisor at the Macon Manor Apartments, who said he was unaware of what happened and didn’t have a comment.

As for Michael Jones, a judge set his bond at $150,000. Following a video arraignment Wednesday, he is scheduled to be in court Thursday morning.