MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was arrested and charged after police say he shot at his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, but he went free on bond in court Thursday.

The boyfriend told police that before the shot was fired, Cedric Dotson went on the attack using a stick.

Detectives say the attack happened in November in North Memphis, just off Evergreen. Dotson was a passenger inside a car stopped at the same red light as a vehicle driven by his ex-girlfriend.

Investigators say his ex rolled down her window and heard Dotson ask, “So this is what we doing now?”

That question may have been referring to the man who was also in the car with Cedric’s former girlfriend — her current boyfriend.

The boyfriend was dropped off at a corner store along Hunter Avenue before he described being “hunted” by Dotson and another man. The victim told police he took off running down a bike trail.

He claims Dotson first tried hitting him with a “big stick,” before pulling a gun and firing a shot, which missed the victim. The victim managed to get away.

Dotson is facing several charges including attempted murder and assault. He is due back in court on Jan. 25.