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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is facing charges after police say he beat and robbed an elderly woman after forcing his way into her home.

Memphis Police say 57-year-old Raymond Womack attacked a woman at her home on South Perkins Road on April 29.

The woman reportedly told police Womack forced his way into her unlocked front door without her permission, and that he was “extremely belligerent and angry” because she let someone else rake the yard.

According to police, the woman said Womack followed her to her den and “belittled her using foul language.” When the woman sat down on the couch, Womack reportedly began to strangle her.

Memphis Police say Womack grabbed the woman’s arms and threw her on the floor. Womack is said to have slapped the woman in her face and kicked her on her legs and back.

The woman told police Womack threatened to kill her during the attack.

According to police, the woman was able to get off of the floor and walk into the living room. Police say Womack demanded to know if she had money and she told him she didn’t. Womack reportedly replied, “Yes, you do,” in an “aggressive manner.”

Memphis Police say the woman ended up giving Womack $20 out of her purse so that he would leave.

Womack has been charged with aggravated burglary, robbery and aggravated abuse of an elderly or vulnerable adult.