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TUNICA COUNTY, Miss.– Two former employees at a catfish farm in Mississippi say a man attacked them after they went to pick up their final paychecks.

Bailey Wade took a cell phone video of a man wielding a heavy object and smashing the windshield of Dylan Cole’s car after Wade and Cole went to Pride of the Pond catfish farm on Highway 4 in Tunica County to get their final paychecks after walking off the job a week earlier.

“All we went up there for was our checks and I didn’t think our, my buddy’s windshield would get smashed in for this,” Wade said.

“It’s just the pay wasn’t adding up. We had bills to pay and that pay wasn’t paying those bills,” Cole said.

The pair told me they were getting the run-around from the manager and felt they were being stalled.

“May we please have our checks? And he said, ‘you’ll get your F ing check when I have time.’ And then we just left,” Cole said.

Cole said they were suddenly blocked in by a white pickup as they attempted to leave the parking lot.

“He went to his truck and grabbed a tire, a trailer hitch out and he walked up to my windshield and smashed my windshield and then he said ‘get the F out,'” Cole said.

Cole said the man physically assaulted him and went after Wade.

“He jumped over me and he jumped over him and he was like trying to grab the phone from him and I guess destroy his phone because we had video of him doing something,” he said.

Both men said they were covered in broken glass and did have some minor cuts.

We caught up with the man the former employees say attacked them, but he declined to talk to us and said he already talked to the police.

The Tunica County Sheriff’s Department is investigating and both Cole and Wade plan to press charges. While Cole’s windshield has been repaired, his opinion of fair justice remains broken.

“He wasn’t even arrested. I feel like if I would have done even a shadow of what he did I would have been arrested,” he said.

A spokesperson with the Tunica County Sheriff’s Office said the investigation is active and ongoing. They said so far no summons or warrants have been issued.