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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Since the tragic killing of Young Dolph three weeks ago, the owner of Comfort Coin Operated Laundry said his business is taking a hit.

Lloyd White has owned the family-ran laundromat for 30 years. Comfort Coin Operated Laundry is located right next door to Makeda’s Cookies, which is the place where Young Dolph was shot and killed. White said he understands that people want to pay their respects to Young Dolph, but as the memorial site for the rapper at Makeda’s Cookies grows, it is causing more problems for his business.

“My customers can’t come if they don’t have any parking,” White said. “And the other thing is some people just don’t want to be in an area where this happened.”

White also said he owns another location, and things slightly improved once the barricade was removed. However, with his regular customers not coming by, White says he’s now carrying a heavy load-losing almost $10,000 which is impacting his family and employees.

“I haven’t had any income in fact,” White said. “I had to go into my reserve to make the last payroll.”

However, White is not losing hope things will get better.

“I think over a period of time my customers will come back to me,” White said.