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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Fire Department was battling a fire near a power substation near Yale and Covington Pike early Tuesday morning. Residents reported rumbling and electric humming as bright light and smoke filled the air.

Memphis Fire Department confirmed that it was a fire a transformer substation.

MLGW said that it was an equipment failure at one of their sites that caused the outage. MLGW told us that power has now been restored for the majority of customers.

WREG reached out to Bartlett Schools, and they confirm they have power currently. As of 7:10 AM, about 4000 people have had power restored as MLGW continues to work on restoring power to the community.

As of 7:40 AM, MLGW has made significant progress, restoring power to over 16,000 customers.

By 8:36 am Tuesday, MLGW has restored power to over 19,000 people.

By 8:55 am, MLGW said that the majority of customers have power restored.

Granville T Woods Academy of Innovation Charter School said they will delay the start of school today until 9 am.

Currently, more than 19,600 MLGW customers are without power. This outage stretched several miles and has also turned off some traffic signals. WREG has live teams on location to gather more information.

MLGW is currently troubleshooting the problem.

WREG will update as more information becomes available.