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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (WREG) — A lack of rain in recent weeks is making it a lot easier for the city of West Memphis to do a major cleanup of its 10-mile bayou drainage system.

Thursday, the city released drone footage of ‘Operation Clean up, Clear out.’

Mayor Marco McClendon said utility tree trimming and litter removal crews are taking advantage of the dry creeks beds to clear out years of overgrowth and trash.

“Sometimes it was kind of like a swampy area. So, you could never get down there and cut it out,” said McClendon. “We were able to remove old tires, old couches, debris, and different things that people may have thrown in the bayou, which clogged the bayou up sometimes.”

Mayor McClendon said there were able to cut down trees and other vegetation, which would help prevent flooding in the future.

West Memphis bayou cleanup

“Our levy system holds back the river, but actually, we are still a low-lying area,” Mcclendon said. “The water which comes in days here can cause flooding. this is going to allow that water to drain quickly through the bayous.”

The mayor said the bayous have become a dumping ground for tires and other garbage, which is not good for the community.

McClendon said they want to keep the water running smoothly through the city.