MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The community continues to mourn the loss of beloved Memphis Shelby County Schools employee Larry Thorn, who was found shot to death and set on fire earlier this week.

A mountain of grief fills the city as the community mourns the loss of another person to gun violence. 

“I’m very angry. I’m very angry that this has happened to him and his family,” said Justin J. Pearson, Thorn’s classmate.

Thorn’s body was found outside a South Memphis church, a painful sight for his former classmates to imagine.

“Larry was so sweet and kind to everybody, and the manner that he was killed was just horrific. Like, who does that to somebody? I just couldn’t see why someone would wanna do that to him,” asked Chastity Mays, Thorn’s classmate.

Not only was Thorn a school secretary, but he also served as a Pom Pom coach and was involved in the band. Chastity May says those passions extended well beyond the classroom.

“He was such an advocate for changing people and molding people to become amazing adults. He was just a kind person that would just want you to be the better person of yourself,” said Mays.

All these qualities are now a part of the legacy Larry Thorn leaves behind.

“To know Larry is to love him and to appreciate what it is to have a good, kind-hearted soul among you,” said Pearson.

At this time, Investigators have not released a motive for the shooting or publicly identified a suspect.

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist with funeral expenses. You can donate by clicking here.