MEMPHIS, Tenn.– An adorable Yorkie named Sasha ends up in the middle of a disagreement over who owns her after she vanished from her Whitehaven home for two months.

For Sherry Bougard, it’s hard to accept her pet Yorkie may never be coming home.

“She’s beyond a dog. I have to use that, which she is, but she’s actually our fur baby,” Bougard said. “She was given to us because one of my children has a diagnosis of emotional disturbance, so she is really a “coping” dog.”

Sasha disappeared on June 14 after going outside for a potty break.

“And we noticed she didn’t come back to the door like she should have,” Bougard said.

Bougard said no one scanned Sasha’s microchip, so she sent out flyers but had no luck finding her until mid-August when she noticed a flyer with Sasha’s picture on a light pole in her neighborhood.

She was excited and called the number, but her dreams of a reunion were dashed by a woman who had found the dog.

“I had her but I gave her to a friend and I gave it to a friend because I have four pit bulls in my home and your dog was a little nervous around my animals,” Bougard said.

Unfortunately, the woman, who had waited for weeks for someone to claim Sasha, sold the dog to her friend Caprice Gates.

“I wanted the dog and she was like, ‘nope gotta put up the posters. I gotta make sure somebody come and claim their dog.’ That was her exact words to me,” Gates said.

After some time had passed, Caprice paid her friend $100 for Sasha and gave the dog to her grandson, Jason for a birthday present. He renamed the dog, Sage.

The two owners discussed ways to reach a compromise but in the end, Caprice Gates firmly believes Sherry Bougard had months to find her dog and doesn’t think it would be fair to take the dog away from her grandson.

“I am his grandmother. I gave him the dog as his birthday present,’ Gates said.

Bougard told us she’s gone to police, the court system, and sought legal advice to get her dog back but so far no one has given her much hope of getting Sasha back.