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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People were lined up around the corner on Wednesday in front of the County Clerk’s Office at Poplar Plaza waiting for tags and other services.

Residents braved the heat outside the office as COVID protocols are still in effect. With limited or no seating available, the clerk’s office is limited to standing inside and outside. The temperature is expected to reach 100 degrees Wednesday.

A man was treated for health concerns Wednesday morning as he waited in line. However, the fire department later said the call was not related to heat.

When asked, some residents said they have been waiting in line for over an hour and a half in the sun without accomodation.

Earlier this month, the Whitehaven branch of the clerk’s office was closed because of a lack of air conditioning. It has since reopened.

The clerk’s office has been plagued with long lines and extended mailing times as it faces a backlog of license plate renewals.

The delay has caused numerous complaints from citizens and auto dealers.

The Shelby County Commission may take a “no confidence” vote against Clerk Wanda Halbert and ask the state of Tennessee to take over due to the ongoing license plate “crisis.”