MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One life-long Memphis says he is sick and tired of seeing blight and dumping in his community.

An abandoned property off Shelby Drive and Lamar has become a dumpsite.

Mark Siggers is a proud, lifelong Memphian.

“I drive down Shelby Drive daily,” he said. “I go to church in Whitehaven. I have family in Whitehaven.”

Siggers has called the Bluff City home for 74 years. WREG spoke with him in the parking lot of the abandoned gas station after he reached out.

He drives by the piles of tossed tires, long-forgotten furniture and clothes mixed in with mountains of trash bags everyday.

“It’s a dump yard,” Siggers said.

It is also not the only spot. Trash is piling up just across the street at a now moth-balled Church’s Chicken and gas station.

“Is this not an environmental issue,” Siggers said. “There are a lot of environmental agencies that should be involved in this.”

Siggers also pointed out the large number of trucks and cars traveling through the area and believes people who work for the city such as first responders or others who could make a change have seen the problem when they drive by.

“BNS, the railroad is right here. Nike is right there on the other side of this railroad tracks, the airport is less than a couple miles west of here,” he said. “And apparently nobody gives a care.”

Siggers hopes not only the trash can be picked up but for lasting change.

“There’s got to be a solution,” he said. “This is not an isolated incident. There are locations like this all over the city of Memphis. Every zipcode, and it’s a shame.”

WREG reached out to the city about the problem, and a spokesperson told us they are working on the history of this location.