GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A local baker who gained TikTok fame for her giant stuffed cookies and heartfelt posts about life will open BluffCakes Confections Friday in Germantown.

Chloe Sexton has 1.8 million TikTok followers and credits the social media site for launching her professional baking career.

“The giant cookie idea really came from wanting to be able to give my viewers and followers on TikTok a way to taste what I was making,” said Sexton. “After the first month, I would launch about 400-500 cookies a week, and it would sell out in eight to ten minutes.”

Sexton, a former news producer at WREG, began an online business making her giant cookies from a commercial kitchen and shipping them to all fifty states and Canada.

Now, she has a staff of 20 and a storefront that will allow customers to buy all sorts of her baked goods locally.

“We’ll have cupcakes. Next week, we will be launching our macaroon menu, and then we’ll also be doing our small cakes, custom cakes, and wedding cakes. Really anything you can think of,” said Sexton.

Last year, Sexton got some national attention after a TikTok post about her little sister’s first birthday after their mother’s death went viral.

Sexton told her followers how disappointed she was that only one of Charlotte’s classmates responded to her birthday invitations. Two million people saw the video, and strangers from all over the country made sure Charlotte had the most memorable birthday ever.

“I think a lot of what built my following and made me someone people felt relatable was I didn’t just show the ups of my business. I showed how hard it was to get here,” said Sexton.

Sexton also has a book called “Big Yum” about her giant stuffed cookies coming out in the fall. She said she’s proof that dreams can come true.

“Baking was something I had as a hobby, and I never actually took it seriously. You know, nobody thinks realistically you could, in the span of two years, go from baking out of your home to owning a bakery and shipping nationwide. But here we are,” Sexton said.

BluffCakes Confections is located at 7850 Poplar Avenue.