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Lorenzen Wright Trial Day 4: Who testified?

4:17 p.m. UPDATE: Martin said Sherra asked him to train Lorenzen’s dog in May 2010. She came to his home in Batesville to tell him that and he went with her back to Memphis. 

Martin said then things changed. The job was to kill Lorenzen. He said he thought Sherra was going through things and was just talking. 

Martin said he told her this is not the business you want to be in. He said he figured Sherra came to him because he was in a bind with criminal charges. Martin said Sherra had paid for his lawyer. 

3:55 p.m. UPDATE: Jimmie Martin has taken the stand.

3:25 p.m. UPDATE: Sgt. Evan’s cross examination has ended. The next witness that is supposed to testify is Jimmie Martin.

3:05 p.m. UPDATE: The jury had questions about the duration of Sherra’s cell phone calls, what she searched on Google, and Sherra’s cell calls on the night of the homicide.

Sgt. Evans said she had no cell usage.  Police said they only have Sherra’s cell records, and no cell records from Jimmie Martin’s and Billy Turner’s phone.

Police do have cell records which originated with Sherra’s cell and responses by Turner and Martin’s cell. 

12:30 p.m. UPDATE: Court has resumed after a lunch break. Sgt. Dennis Evans is back on the stand as cross examination continues over phone records. 

10:20 a.m. UPDATE: Defense attorneys said SIM cards can be changed out in phones and can’t pinpoint where any person was precisely located, only the device.

The defense noted that detectives can’t confirm who used a pay phone at a certain time.

The name Mearl Hampton appears in Tuner’s phone several times, but Sgt. Evans said they never looked into it.

9:55 a.m. UPDATE: Sgt. Dennis Evans, with the Digital Forensics Unit, is back on the stand being cross examined by the defense attorney about info retrieved from Sherra Wright, Billy Turner and Jimmie Martin’s cell phones.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cross examination is scheduled to being in the trial of Billy Ray Turner Thursday morning.

Wednesday saw expert testimony from detectives who oversaw the case, a TBI Special Agent who is an expert in firearms, and the Medical Examiner who examined Lorenzen Wright’s body.

Phone calls between Sherra Wright, Billy Ray Turner and Jimmie Martin were the focus of testimony Wednesday morning.

Detective Jesse Browning with the Multi Agency Gang Unit that broke the case dubbed “Operation Rebound” testified that Sherra Wright, Billy Turner and Jimmie Martin were corresponding by text and Facebook messages back in 2010 before Lorenzen Wright was murdered and made it appear they were talking about planning a party.

TBI Special Agent Cervinia Braswell gave her testimony as a firearms expert regarding how testing is done on firearms, and how to determine which bullets came from which gun.

Dr. Marco Ross, Chief Medical Examiner, was called to testify as well. Dr. Ross said he performed the autopsy on Lorenzen Wright. Dr. Ross said his remains were so decomposed that the autopsy was difficult.

Memphis Police Sgt. Dennis Evans with the Digital Forensics Unit of Memphis Police Department provided expert testimony regarding text and Facebook messages exchanged, and how authorities tracked phone calls between Sherra, Martin and Turner.