MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A triple shooting left a child having to be rushed to the hospital and into surgery Tuesday. Neighbors say one of the the victims is a little girl around 7 years old.

Two other victims were taken to area hospitals in private vehicles. Police responded to the shooting at Cromwell Park Apartments around 6:30 Tuesday night.

A woman who witnessed it says that mixed in with the sound of gunfire were the screams from the little girl’s mother as she cried out for help.

Antoinequa Jones is new to the complex along Outland Road, just off Winchester. But she’s lived her long enough to meet the little girl, she says is around 7 years old, who was shot in a triple shooting.

“I walked around and I went inside the house because the door was open,” Jones said. “There was blood everywhere. Her mom was just crying holding her.”

As a mother, her first thought was to help the young child, who was shot in the leg, she said, while also comforting her mother, who was desperate for help.

A family member of the little girl said she was rushed into surgery overnight and is expected to be okay.  But what’s not okay with residents is the whirlwind of crime continuing to make its way in.

 “It’s just sad. We have to go through this every day,” Jones said. “I’m scared to go to sleep sometimes at night. There’s so much crime going on, it’s ridiculous.”

Police are working to piece togetherwhat happened. At last check, police were still looking for those responsible. If you know anything, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.