MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison after robbing four gas stations and killing the store clerk, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Decardo Moore, 22, walked into an Exxon gas station on Stage Road in March 2019 demanding money from the store clerk and two other people.

After all three people complied, the press release said Moore shot and killed the store clerk. Moore then fired more shots, breaking the front door glass and fleeing the scene.

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Three months later, Moore and two other people robbed three more gas stations in one day. Moore and another person walked up to a store clerk outside of Mapco Express on Raleigh Millington Road around 1 a.m. with guns. They forced the clerk inside of the store, threatened her and stole money from the cash register.

Moore and the other two people then went to Murphy Express on Summer Avenue, placing a gun on the side of a store clerk. They then threatened both Murphy Express store clerks before taking money from the register and fleeing the scene.

The group then went to Exxon on Summer Avenue around 30 minutes later with handguns, removing the cash drawer and fleeing the scene.

Moore was also the getaway driver, according to the press release.

After leaving Exxon, Moore and the other two suspects tried to break into a home on West Barbara Circle when all three suspects were shot.

In Oct. 2021, Moore pled guilty to four counts of robbery and brandishing a firearm. He was sentenced to life plus 21 years.

The second suspect, Joshua Beason was 293 months, or over 24 years. The third suspect is expected to go to trial in May 2022.