MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Another voice is calling for more gun control legislation in Tennessee as medical professionals ask the governor to take action.

A doctor from LeBonheur Children’s Hospital is taking the lead.

Pediatrician Dr. Jason Yaun and nearly 4,000 other medical professionals across Tennessee say it’s time to do something to end gun violence after the Covenant School shooting in Nashville.

“Seeing you know these three children and three adults as part of the school shooting was a real call to action for all of us to renew our efforts around this and hopefully that this is a time in our state that will lead to action,” Dr. Yaun said.

Dr. Yaun is President of the Tennessee chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The organization sent a letter to the governor, lieutenant governor, and house speaker to pass specific gun laws.

“There are proven measures such as safe storage laws, extreme risk protection orders, and background check legislation that we call to be enacted in Tennessee. This is a time for bold new leadership,” Dr. Yaun said.

Doctors at LeBonheur are on the front lines when it comes to the aftermath of gun violence. They see firsthand what it is doing to our children.

“Guns and firearms violence are now the leading cause of death in children in the United States. Every day 6 children and teens die from firearm injuries in this country,” Dr. Yaun said.

After sending the letter, Dr. Yaun said he and others met with Governor Bill Lee’s staff this week.

“We’re continuing to ask our members to contact their legislators and continue to advocate for these types of measures. But we hope that this is just the beginning of the conversation,” Dr. Yaun said.

WREG has asked the governor’s office for a response. Meanwhile, republican state leaders say they are talking.

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“We are not gonna get all the way there this year in the next couple of weeks. But I feel like we can make some step forwards, and we already have with the school safety bill,” said Rep. William Lamberth, (R) Portland.

Now, thousands of healthcare professionals will be watching.

“When we have that many voices of that many health care professionals, that can be very powerful,” Dr. Yaun said.

Dr. Yaun said they would continue to push the message until more gun control reforms are passed.