MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Some Mud Island residents have come together to care for a kitten left in a basket in the middle of the street.

The five-week-old kitten was rescued by a woman Monday night off Island Place after she heard the kitten’s cries for help.

“He was crying, and he wanted to be rescued,” said Ginny Watson. “He had gotten out of the basket, crossed the road, and was in my neighbor’s flower bed.”


Surveillance video from a nearby SkyCop camera shows a driver in Tesla stop in the middle of the street, open his car door and place the basket on the road.

Watson’s Ring camera also captured the car. She said she found the kitten 10 to 15 minutes after he was abandoned.

“Maybe they thought ‘If I drop it here, somebody is going to pick it up,’ but still, it easily could have been hit in that short period of time it was in the road,” Watson said.

Watson said she rushed to a pet store to get a bottle and cat formula but wasn’t sure if the tiny kitten would survive the night.

“When he made it through the night, it was a sigh of relief,” she said.

Another neighbor is now fostering the kitten, who has been named Blue. His foster mom says Blue will be available for adoption through Mewtopia Cat Rescue once he gets a little older and healthier.

Whitten doesn’t know why the kitten’s owner picked her street but is glad she was there to find the helpless animal.

“Definitely a happy ending. He’s in a good place now, and I’m just so glad I heard him crying,” said Watson.

Watson said several people offered to take Blue after she posted his story on Nextdoor.