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HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — A woman has been charged with 23 counts relating to animal cruelty after deputies found numerous dogs at a kennel in unhealthy conditions.

The kennel, located near Hornsby, Tennessee on Powell Chapel Road, was raided earlier this week by deputies after pet owners contacted police about not being able to contact the kennel owner, Amanda Klapp.

Deputies said when they came to investigate, they found numerous dogs in unsanitary conditions. Several of them were starved, and one dog was found dead in a cage. Deputies also found another dead dog buried on the property.

Brian, an owner of a dog that was boarded there is outraged by what happened to his pet, Tilly. He said he had never been in the kennel because Klapp insisted on picking up Tilly at Brian’s home. He found out about the raid from another pet owner and was able to find Tilly at the Hardeman County Animal Shelter.

“It’s just a feeling of such anger,” Brian said. “A dog is so innocent. It’s just hard to even put in words.”

Brian also said Tilly lost 10 pounds within 10 days of being at the kennel and had some scarring from being pushed against a metal crate.

Klapp initially resisted arrest but was finally taken into custody.

She is scheduled to appear in Hardeman County General Sessions Court on Dec. 14.