MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Kellogg Company announced Wednesday that they have reached a tentative agreement with the union for a new labor contract after workers were on strike for nearly two months.

The strike and weeks of negotiations date back to October after a contract expired, causing workers to demand better pay and benefits.

In a statement issued Thursday morning, Kellogg said in part, “We are pleased to announce that Kellogg company and the union have reached a tentative agreement for a new five-year labor contract.”

Kellogg released an update stating that the new five-year labor contact will cover 1,400 employees at their U.S. cereal plants, including the Memphis location.

The contract includes increased wages and enhanced benefits for all employees, along with better terms for temporary employees, according to a breakdown by Kellogg.

Hours after the announcement, union members returned their post outside of the Memphis plant — where nearly 300 union workers continue to strike.

“A lot of people don’t realize that this strike wasn’t about getting more money. This strike was about paying people equal pay and equal benefits and we achieved that,” Kevin Bradshaw of the local 252 G chapter said.

Union members are set to vote this Sunday and Bradshaw believes it will pass. 

“The things that we were striking over were for to get rid of long term work schedule that the company was trying to introduce. And also get rid of a two year system that was permanent that the company was trying to introduce. So we got those two things off the table so that’s what the strike was all about,” he said.

Local Union members will receive the proposal on Saturday, Dec. 5 and collectively decide if they agree to the new terms and officially end the strike.