MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Tipton County Sheriff’s Department has put an end to a string of burglaries, thefts and vandalism by arresting three juveniles Friday.

According to reports, the crimes were targeted primarily at the Forrest Hill Golf Course, which is located at 200 Kubo Rd. in Drummonds. The crimes happened over a three-week period.

During that time, many people reported thousands of dollars in damage and theft to the Sheriff’s Office.

Officers say the most recent report was Friday, December 16.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a burglary and vandalism at the golf course. Deputies found that a lawnmower had been stolen from a shed and later found.

They also observed damage to the golf course grounds that appeared to have been made with the lawnmower at the time of the theft.

This theft was also consistent with a stolen golf cart located the previous day. The golf cart was confirmed to have been stolen from the course during the nighttime hours a few days prior.

Detectives developed leads during the investigation, leading them to conduct interviews with three male juveniles. They all confessed to their part in the criminal acts.      

Sheriff Shannon Beasley said he is thankful for the deputies and detectives that worked on the case.

“Sadly, if these juveniles are found guilty of these crimes, their parents/guardians will now face the financial consequences of their actions. I hope these three juveniles see the strain and hardship they have caused their families as well as the victim(s) of these crimes,” said Sheriff Beasley.

The juveniles were arrested and have court dates pending out of Tipton County Juvenile Court.