MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As sweltering temperatures pound the Mid-South, grandparents like Heather and Lynn Butler are looking for things to do to keep their grandkids cool.

“We’ve got a little pool in our backyard and a little waterslide,” Lynn Butler said. “So, they’ve been playing in that and staying cool.”

The Butlers are also waiting for the splash pad to open inside the walls of the Memphis Zoo.

“I’ve seen it in the back when we came to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, and it looks really amazing,” Heather Butler said.

Memphis Zoo Chief Marketing Officer Nick Harmeier said the AquiFur Splash Pad was orginially scheduled to open in the spring, but a crucial mechanism that they have been waiting for to get things rolling just arrived this week.

Harmeier said once they get it installed, they can begin testing the pad’s features and eventually open it to the public.

“We’re just so close,” he said. “We are all anxiously waiting here at the zoo, too, because we know this is going to be such a cool factor.”

Harmeier also said the idea for the Egyptian-themed splash pad came to fruition years ago, and they started construction last year. He said the pad has the capacity to hold up to 400 guests. Lockers will also be available as well as party rooms.

“Just be patient with us,” Harmeier said. “I promise you we’re working diligently to get this thing opened up.”

He also said families will have to pay an additional fee along with zoo fees to use the splash pad. Zoo officials are anticipating the splash pad to be opened early next month.