MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Another hearing was scheduled for Monday in the death of Memphis Pastor Autura Eason Williams.

The two teens charged with her murder headed back to Juvenile Court where a judge could decide if they’ll face trial as adults.

Juvenile Court Judge Tarik Sugarmon has set a date for a transfer hearing for both juvenile suspects charged with her murder.

Monday after speaking with the two suspects, their parents, and family members of Pastor Eason-Williams a transfer hearing date of Jan. 20 was agreed upon.

Lawyers want to wait until next year to allow for the holidays to pass and to give enough time for subpoenas to go out.

According to the Shelby County Juvenile court dashboard, a transfer hearing means the prosecution is officially seeking to move the case out of Juvenile Court and into Adult Court.

This hearing can result in one of three possible resolutions — Notice of Transfer Denied, Notice of Transfer Withdrawn, or Notice of Transfer Granted.

Denial or withdrawal would result in the teens staying in the Juvenile Court system.

If the court grants a transfer, the case will be moved to Criminal Court.

In 2021, there were 131 notices of transfers filed in juvenile court under Judge Dan Michael. Forty of those were granted.