MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Two teens charged in the murder of a Memphis pastor will have to wait three more weeks before learning if they will be tried as adults.

Judge Tarik Sugarmon said Monday the state still needs more time to make a determination on whether to seek a transfer for the two 15-year-olds charged in the murder of Autura Eason-Williams.

The judge said he will give more time and gave a new report date of Nov. 14. He said he would make his final decision on that date.

Family members on both sides were in court and on Zoom were waiting to find out whether the juvenile suspects will be tried as adults or if stay in the juvenile court system.

There were over 30 people on the Zoom call. While the hearing was held on Zoom, the parents of one of the suspects were at court in person using the computer in the courtroom to watch and listen in. Their daughter translated for them.

The pastor’s family has been split on the matter. Her husband wants them tried as adults, but some of her children have said it’s not what their mother would have wanted.

Monday, we also learned only one of the 15-year-olds had a psychiatric evaluation. That evaluation has been completed. The judge said the defense for the second juvenile did not ask for a psych evaluation, therefore one was not given.

Family members of Eason-Wiliams told the judge they were expecting to hear the results of that evaluation in court Monday. However, the judge said that would not happen until the next hearing.