MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The judge who will decide whether to charge two teenagers accused of killing a Memphis pastor as adults or juveniles says he still needs more time.

Pastor Autura Eason-Williams’ family is still waiting to learn if the two teenagers charged with her murder will be tried as juveniles or adults more than four months after she was shot and killed in her driveway during a robbery attempt.

In court Monday morning, families on both sides were on a zoom call waiting for judge Tarik Sugarmon to hand down his ruling.

However, in court, the judge revealed the lawyer of the juvenile accused of pulling the trigger hasn’t been able to meet with her client in person which forced him to postpone the hearing until Thursday.

That hearing was set up with the purpose of making sure the teen and his lawyer will have a chance to meet and discuss the case and possible outcomes.

The 15-year-old’s mother was visibly emotional on the zoom call. She cried when the bailiffs brought her son into the conference room. The family of Eason-Williams was quiet as they looked on.

For the other suspect, the judge tells the family a decision on his fate has been agreed upon. However, he will wait until both suspects can report back next Monday before making that announcement. We could also learn if either of the teens will be tried as adults next Monday.

Eason Williams’ husband wants the teens charged as adults. Her children want them to remain in the juvenile court system.