MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The suspect in a shooting outside a Memphis Jewish school remained hospitalized two days after he was shot by Memphis Police.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which is handling the case, released the update Wednesday afternoon. His condition was not released.

TBI has not identified the suspect, or the officers who shot him after he got out of his truck with a weapon in his hand in a Berclair neighborhood.

But he was identified by acquaintances as Joel Bowman, a former student at Margolin Hebrew Academy in East Memphis.

No one at the school was injured after Bowman allegedly tried to get inside with a weapon.

Charles LaVene went to middle and high school at the Margolin Hebrew Academy with Bowman and said he and Joel were best friends. 

He said Joel was a gentle giant who never showed aggressive behavior. But he said Joel was diagnosed with and medicated for PTSD and was recently put on a new medicine. 

LaVene thinks that is what triggered Joel to allegedly act out on Monday. 

“What triggered the situation was the medication was changed again, the doctor wouldn’t see him for longer or give him a long enough prescription to last until the next time they see him, all the BS that happens in the health industry led to him changing to a new drug and then no longer having that drug suddenly and when that happens to your body, it messes with you,” Lavene said.  

He said at the last check, Joel remained in the ICU but was stable, but no one except law enforcement has been allowed to see or communicate with him.

Bowman is not listed in the Shelby County Jail’s online roster and local court records do not indicate he has been charged in the case.