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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn.– For the second time in two months, a Memphis man was forced to file an insurance claim after someone vandalized his truck.

James Martin said he had only been at Life Time Fitness in Collierville for a short time last Monday when a bold burglar broke into his Silverado pickup truck and ripped out his stereo system.

Life Tme Fitness in Collierville

“I was literally swimming one fence over,” said Martin.

This time, though, he captured it all on a surveillance system he recently installed in his vehicle.

“My alarm was going off, and the surveillance system was telling him you are under surveillance,” Martin said. “He looked confused, and just basically, a smash and grab job is all he could do.”

In the video, the burglar is wearing a mask and sunglasses, but you can see what he is wearing, the tattoos on his arms, and the car he is driving.

“I got his car make and model and license plate. Unfortunately, it was a Jim Keris auto tag,” said Martin.

Over the summer, Martin’s truck was broken into in the Overton Square area. He said the thieves didn’t get much but broke out a window.

He said the stolen stereo system is useless once it’s removed from the vehicle, but he still out the $1,000 he paid for it.

“I’ve dealt with Memphis police and Collierville police, and there is not much follow-up from anybody,” said Martin. “I think that’s really why it’s open season on our vehicles right now.”

Martin said the thieves are usually looking for a gun and when they can’t find one take whatever they see in the car.

“In this case, the man decided to dismantle my entire dashboard in about 25 seconds,” Martin said.

The suspect was driving a black Nissan Maxima. If you recognize him or have any information that can help investigators, call Collierville Police or CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.