MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Berclair store owner says thieves and vandals are ruining his business after multiple car break-ins and thefts in the area.

The owner of Jerusalem Market told WREG in the last month that he and his customers have had to suffer several times at the hands of vandals.

Surveillance video from the store captured the latest suspect casually walking across the parking lot on Summer Avenue in broad daylight when the person notices the car is still running and crouched down before getting in the car and driving away.

“One of my customers come and park his car to come buy something and takes less than one minute. One guy look like he’s been watching the parking lot and you see him in the camera he opened the car,” said Ismal Odetallah, owner of Jerusalem Market.

Odetallah said in just a month, his business has been broken into along with others stores in the plaza and at least three of his customers have had their cars stolen or vandalized.

“My store has been open for fifteen years. This the first time we have this problem,” he added. “For the last one month, it’s getting crazy. The people here don’t care.”

Proudly selling Mediterranean goods, Odetallah says a lot of his customers are immigrants.

On Saturday, two women had their cars broken into the thief getting away with more than $1,700, but what Odetellah says are most valuable are the stolen passports.

“No ID, no driver’s license, the girl she lost her passport and this guy lost his passport it’s too much headache,” he added. “The lady she is coming from Palestine, so how she going to get that paper back?”

WREG crime mapped the area and found MPD has responded to more than 30 incidents in the shopping plaza this year. It’s number Odetallah fears will hurt his business.

“It’s going to be affected because the people are going to get scared coming here,” said Odetallah.

We did reach out to MPD to learn if there is a plan to increase patrols in the area. Police have yet to release any suspect information. If you know anything call CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.