MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A pregnant Frayser woman says she has no heat in her duplex home as temperatures continue to plummet.

Standing above a boiling pot of food is one of the only ways Sierra Morton said she can stay warm.

“It’s very cold. It’s brutal in here. It feel just like outside…it feel like living outside really,” she said.

Morton, who is several months pregnant, said she and her 7-year-old daughter moved into their Frayser home last summer.

She said she had a grease fire back in October and problems piled up from there.

“I currently don’t have a furnace up in here and I have mold in certain spots in the house,” Morton said. “It’s really just sad and unlivable.”

WREG contacted Crestcore Realty, the managers of the property. They told us they were just made aware of the fire and the fact Morton didn’t have heat last week.

A manager said there is a source of heat in the bedroom, but they will be installing a dual heat and cooling unit in the living room to warm the house.

In the meantime, Morton said she’s paying $670 in rent plus utilities as she and her child are forced to either bundle up with a space heater or stay with friends and family.

“Every weekend and throughout the week I have to go over there for heat and food and shelter really,” she said. “It’s getting outrageous.”

Morton said she is hoping to either be relocated or be let out of her lease without penalty.