MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An aussiedoodle name Chase who escaped from its owners last month during a bad car accident in North Memphis, was found nearly three and a half miles away inside the Overton Park dog park.

Regina Verner and Terry Webb were reunited with the one-year-old dog Friday and said it’s nothing short of a miracle.

“I thought he wasn’t coming back, but my guardian angel came through,” said Verner.

On July 3, Webb was t-boned by a driver he said had an outstanding warrant and no license or insurance.

Chase and another dog named ChuChu were in the car with him when it happened. Webb said ChuChu jumped into the back seat after the crash, but Chase jumped out a window and kept running.

Crash at Chelsea and Hollywood on July 3

“That’s what I was told because I was unconscious. I didn’t know what was going on,” said Webb.

Webb and Verner searched up and down Hollywood for Chase, posted pictures of him all over social media, and even offered a reward. After a month of hearing nothing, the couple said they thought Chase was gone for good.

“I was depressed for weeks,” said Verner. “I felt like I lost my first love.”

Last Thursday, Tim Mathis and his son Daniel found Chase at the Dog Bark in Overton Park. Mathis said the dog was covered with burrs, and it was clear he had been outside for a long time.

“My 11-year-old son spotted him inside the fence and pointed out that there was no one in there with him,” said Mathis. “My son has a tender heart for animals and kept insisting we do something.”

Chase after he first spotted inside Overton Bark
Chase after he cleaned up by the Mathis family

Mathis said another pet owner told them someone had seen Chase wandering in the park, put him in the fenced-in area, and left behind a bag of dog food. Mathis said they took the dog home, cleaned him up, and found his owners through the Pethub rabies tag on his collar.

Verner was shocked when she got the call that Chase had been found.

“When they sent the picture, oh my God, I couldn’t do nothing but scream, and they were like, ‘Are you okay?’ And I said, ‘I don’t believe this. I just don’t believe this,'” Verner said. I said please, can I give you a reward and he said no. I said please can I give you something he said ‘No, you don’t have to provide me with anything. I just want to return your baby to you.'”

Verner said Chase lost four pounds, had a few dog bites, and had to be shaved down because of all the burrs in his coat. She is just thankful the dog still had that rabies tag on and plans to get him microchipped as soon as possible.

“I’m just so grateful to Mr. Mathis and his family for returning Chase to us because I had given up hope,” said Verner.

She said Chase slept two days straight after returning home but appears to be back to his old self again.