MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Southeast Memphis man is grateful to be alive after a car slammed into his home the night before Thanksgiving.

Police are still looking for the driver who knocked off brick siding and moved the front wall of a house at Stonington and Pinegate Drives at around 6 p.m. November 23.

“It pushed me back about seven feet. A good seven feet, but it was a quick seven,” said Devon Johnson.

Johnson was home with his wife and young daughter at the time. He was sitting at his desk watching a basketball game when the car hit the wall on the other side of the desk.

“Once I heard the crunch and saw the wall move, I put that together pretty quick,” Devon said. “If it had been going any faster, we would be having a different conversation.

Rivera Johnson said she heard the bricks falling off her home and saw her husband run outside. In the surveillance video, you can see what looks like a white sedan backing away from the house and the driver fleeing the scene.

“I guess I was on the phone with 911 when he ran out,” Rivera said. “When police and fire and ambulance came, they were kind of in shock, too, and not sure what to do.”

The couple said the driver was likely coming down Pinegate Drive when they lost control or fell asleep at the wheel. They said they’re frustrated because police have given them little hope of finding the person responsible.

“I asked when I would hear back from someone, and they were just really honest because there wasn’t a homicide, and nobody was critically injured there will be cases ahead of ours,” Rivera said. “So, I can’t be upset at the truth.”

The husband and wife said despite all the damage to their home, they were able to host a Thanksgiving dinner and gender reveal party at their house.

“We are having another girl,” said Rivera.

They still can’t understand how someone could drive away without checking to make sure everyone inside was okay.

“That is supposed to be my daughter’s room. She still sleeps with us, but my husband uses it as an office,” Rivera said.

“That would be exactly where her bed would be,” said Devon.

If you recognize the car in the surveillance video or have any information that can help investigators, call CrimeStoppers at (901)-528-CASH.