MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Interstate shootings have drastically increased in Memphis since last year.

According to Memphis Police, so far in 2023, there have been 55 reports of drivers shot or shot at on Memphis interstates, which is nearly twice as many as the same time last year.

Reports say that only 33 people were shot or shot at in 2022 during this time last year. By year’s end, that number totaled 92.

The top 5 interstate shooting locations of the year were:

  • I-240 & Poplar, 4 shootings took place here
  • I-40  & Hollywood, 3 shootings took place here
  • I-40 & Chelsea, 3 shootings took place here
  • I-240 & Lamar, 2 shootings took place here
  • Bill  Morris Pkwy & Riverdale, 2 shootings took place here

Other locations reported for interstate shootings included I-40 & Sam Cooper, I-240 & Mt. Moriah, I-240 & I-55, and I-240 & S. Parkway East.

Recently, incidents happened on I-240 & Norris, I-240 & Walnut Grove, and I-40 & Warford.

The late interstate shooting was reported on Wednesday morning where a victim was left in critical condition after a shooting on I-240 and Getwell. Police are still investigating this incident.

Wednesday morning’s shooting was the second one this year to happen at I-240 and Getwell.