MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A brother and sister have been charged after a shooting in Frayser that injured one and put five others in harm’s way last week, police say.

A mother told police on June 16, Anthony Taylor, 20, and his sister and Antorya Perry, 24, arrived at her residence on the 2500 block of Monette Avenue. The woman said Perry drove up and attempted to run over her daughter.

“I was outside when he and his sister pulled up and was trying to beg him not to shoot my house up, trying to talk to him,” the mother said

Police said Taylor got out of the car with an assault rifle-style weapon and told the mother, ‘I’m sorry momma, I got to do it.’

Perry then snatched the weapon out of Taylor’s hands and began firing shots toward the daughter as she ran inside the house.

The mother knows the siblings very well, considering her 19-year-old daughter and Anthony Taylor have been a couple for many years.

“They have been dating since 8th grade,” the woman said.

According to police, the two suspects got back inside the car and continued to shoot while leaving the scene.

“I was pleading with him like please don’t shoot my house up. My kids are in there, my grandbaby. It’s innocent people in here,” the woman added.

While she was still outside pleading with the siblings, six others including the woman’s mother, one-year-old grandchild, and her pregnant daughter had to take cover as bullets entered the residence.

The pregnant sister of Taylor’s ex-girlfriend was hit in the hand. The five others were not injured.

In total, police recovered 18 spent shell casings. Sadly, the pregnant woman who was shot may never have use of one of her hands.

Both Taylor and Perry were charged with six counts of aggravated assault.

Perry was released on a $50,000 bond, while Taylor is still behind bars with a bond set at $100,000.

The accused went before a judge Wednesday.