MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis drivers say they’re staying close to home because it’s getting too painful to fill up at the pump.

The national average price of regular gasoline set another record high at $4.58 per gallon, according to AAA. This time last year, it was $3.04 per gallon.

The average price of regular gas in Tennesee is $4.29 a gallon. That compares to $2.89 in 2021.

“It hurts a lot, especially since it’s me and wife, and I’m paying what I was spending on two vehicles last year,” said Willie Hooper.

Willie Hooper

Hooper said he has to get gas twice a week.

Thursday, it cost him $75 at a Raleigh gas station, where regular was selling for $4.39 a gallon. He said it used to cost about $40 to fill up.

“They need to do something quickly. Where is Trump at?” said Hooper.

Grant Stevenson was also filling up his SUV with premium gasoline at a nearby station.

The Nashville man, visiting his young daughter, said it costs $127 to top off his tank. This time last year, it would have been $90 at the most.

“It’s very scary. I pray they get it fixed soon because there are some major adjustments,” said Stevenson.

Grant Stevenson & daughter

For him, it means not seeing his daughter as much as he would like to.

A young driver at the same gas station said most of the money she makes at work is being spent on gasoline.

“Gas is too high,” said Trameia Hampton. “The prices are rising too high. It will be like $6 in a minute.”

Trameia Hampton

Hampton may not be too far off. One JP Morgan commodities analyst predicts the price of gasoline will surge to $6.20 per gallon nationally by August.

“I’m going to need another job,” said Hooper.

Lakita Davis lives in the Raleigh-Frayser area but works downtown at Bass Pros Shops at the Pyramid. She said with gas prices as high as they are now, she drives straight to and from work.

“No detours,” said Davis. “Something has to be done because, like last year, it was two something per gallon,”

Lakita Davis

A new study by Yardeni Research shows U.S. families are shelling out around $5,000 per year to put gas in their cars —a big jump from $2,800 just a year ago.

Drivers in Memphis said they don’t know who to blame for the surge at the pump, but the Biden administration needs to come up with some solutions.

“Do what you have to but keep us informed because whatever they are doing, it’s not working,” said Stevenson

The average price of regular gasoline in Mississippi is $4.18. In Arkansas, it is selling for $4.12 per gallon.