MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother who claims her autistic daughter was verbally abused by teachers is seeking help.

There’s no limit to a mother’s love and Naomi Miller is no exception.

“I was just livid. This is just unbelievable,” she said.

Miller says her middle child, 5-year-old Karmony Proffit, battles autism and is a non-verbal special needs student at Bruce Elementary. However, she hasn’t been to school since September 8.

“She was screaming not to go to school and having a meltdown once she comes home. It’s like all I know is something is off, and the only thing that changed is you’re going to school,” Miller said.

Miller said Karmony also had a bad experience at school last year, so this time, she decided to take matters into her own hands after suspecting verbal abuse.

“I purchased a recorder and put it in her backpack the first week of September,” Miller said.

She said what she heard shocked her.

“The teachers calling my baby the b-word and even more disturbing, ‘Y’all come and tranquilize her. She need to be in a special home,’ like are you serious? All because she was crying,” Miller said.

WREG reviewed several recordings. Two women could be heard saying, “I was having a good day until she came. It’s this (expletive) right here,” and “And God knows every night I seriously pray. I don’t want to treat her mean, but God knows it is hard.”

We also heard expletives used when referring to other children and yelling.

Miller said she took these recordings to the school’s principal and Memphis-Shelby County Schools, but nothing came of her meeting and countless emails.

“They should never be able to teach kids ever again. All three of them need to be gone and the principal needs to be held accountable,” Miller said.

In a statement, MSCS said, “We take the well-being of our students very seriously. The investigation is still pending, and, during the investigation, the employee has been removed from the classroom.”

MSCS said this investigation is ongoing. Meanwhile, Miller hopes things get resolved so Karmony can safely return to school.