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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — What was supposed to be a fun night out with friends ended in chaos and tragedy after overnight shootings in Whitehaven left one person dead and ten more injured.

Kandi Williams was shaking as she recounted the moment shots rang out at the Live Lounge in Whitehaven Saturday night. It was supposed to be a celebration with friends for her 32nd birthday.

“I thought I was going to die last night,” she said.

Williams said she and her sister had just left the restroom when the first shots were fired. 

“Before I could do anything or react, my sister actually pushed me down, jumped on top of me, and probably ten more people were on top of me. All I can remember is hearing all of the shots going off,” Williams said.

Williams said when the shots stopped, she and her friends were able to escape the club before more shots were fired outside. 

“I just remember being under a car, hiding under a car until it was all over, and screaming and looking for everybody that had come with me,” She said.

According to the Memphis Police Department, one person was killed in the shooting, and ten others were injured. Five of them remain in the hospital in critical condition. The other five victims that were in non-critical condition have been released from the hospital.

Police don’t know if the suspects knew the victims, but Williams said it appeared they were shooting at anyone. She said this never should have happened and lack of security at Live Lounge is the blame. 

Courtesy: Memphis Police Department

“Just a little – tap tap tap—it wasn’t a real frisk down, touching all of you. They had metal detectors at the door, but they didn’t even work, they wasn’t even on,” Williams said.

Williams said she thinks the club is responsible and should be shut down. But for now, her main focus is to move forward and celebrate her birthday with a new perspective on life. 

“My knees are hurting really bad. They’re really bruised and scratched up from that, but I’m really glad to be alive today. I’m really celebrating today,” she said.

Live Lounge could not be reached for comment and police are still searching for potential suspects.