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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Fire Department confirmed on Thursday that 32-year veteran David Pleasant was killed in a crash Wednesday night in South Memphis.

A witness we spoke to says he believes this entire incident could’ve been avoided.

MFD says the crash happened at the intersection of E.H Crump and Danny Thomas Boulevard while fire crews were responding to a house fire on Cambridge Avenue.

“They never let off that horn. You just kept hearing the horn. So loud and it was so long. Then, you heard the boom, and you didn’t hear anymore horns,” the witness said.

The man doesn’t want to be identified but says he was inside a MAPCO gas station when the Memphis Fire truck collided with a pickup truck.

“When I ran to the front, that’s when I saw the firetruck in the air,” he added.

He said one of the firefighters was ejected from the massive truck.

“When they pulled him from under the truck, they never stopped working on him until the ambulance got here. When the ambulance got here, they were still working,” the man said.

Four firefighters and the driver of the pickup truck were rushed to the hospital.

The driver of the fire truck, David Pleasant, did not survive the crash.

MPD says the three other firefighters have since been released from the hospital.

This witness says he watched emergency crews desperately try to save not just their colleagues, but everyone involved in the crash.

“There was a firefighter on top of the truck trying to rescue the two that was trapped inside, and I heard him say ‘Ya’ll need to check on the guy that ran the light,” the witness said.

In a statement, Fire Chief Gina Sweat stated: “David was extremely passionate about his role as a driver for the Memphis Fire Department, and he loved to help people and serve our community. Our hearts are heavy as we lift up prayers for his family, friends, and Memphis Fire Departments brothers and sisters.”

MPD says no charges have been filed at this time and this is an ongoing investigation.