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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Brandon Calloway is still recovering after an altercation with police last weekend that started with a traffic stop and ended with a beating. Now, his story is getting national attention.

 Calloway, a young entrepreneur, is now the center of a brutal encounter with Oakland, Tennessee police.

“I don’t know if I should be upset or, like, I just don’t know how to feel,” Calloway said. “My head is still hurting. Like, I wake up every day, and I can’t really look at any type of lighting.”

Calloway sat down for an interview with WREG along with his attorney Andre Wharton via Zoom.

While the 25-year-old isn’t talking about the specifics of the arrest or why he didn’t stop for police, his attorney says the video shows unnecessary use of force.

“It didn’t require the escalation that we saw manifest,” Wharton said. “It should have stopped at the door. There should have been other managers Oakland had in place.”

The video shot by Brandon’s girlfriend shows what happened after Brandon fled to his father’s house after police tried to pull him over for a traffic stop. Police kick in the door, chasing Brandon from room to room, using a Taser, and then hitting him with a baton, even stepping on his neck as they eventually subdue him.

“I have seen the video, and what was going through my mind was going through everybody else’s mind,” Calloway said. “It’s just like, ‘Why are they acting like that, why are they doing that?’ What was going on in their head compared to what was going in my head?”

The TBI is now investigating. But Oakland’s Assistant Police Chief of Oakland confirms one of the officers in the attack was relieved of duty with pay right after the incident.

The Oakland Town Manager identified him as an Officer Richardson, the officer who used his baton on Brandon.

WREG is told any other police action won’t come until the TBI investigation is over.

Meanwhile, Calloway says he’s trying to get back to work and to keep going.

“I can’t really just believe this happened to me,” Calloway said. “So, I just keep pushing.”

Calloway and his attorney have not filed a lawsuit, saying they hope to avoid litigation. Also, the resisting arrest and speeding charges against Calloway still have to be resolved.