MEMPHIS, Tenn. —After investigating upon two large dumpsites at vacant properties in southeast Memphis, WREG learned that one of the spots is owned by the state of Tennessee.

The dumpsites located on two plots of land sit across the street from each other at the corners of Lamar and East Shelby Drive. One of those locations is an old gas station and now vacant Church’s Chicken. The other off East Shelby Drive is another empty gas station and tire shop.

Mark Siggers, 74, is a lifelong Memphian and is also the one who alerted WREG about the dumpsites. He lives in the area and drives by the blight every day.

“I mean it’s disgusting,” Siggers said. “It’s just frustrating as a taxpayer, as a lifelong Memphian. You know I just hate to see my city looking like this.”

WREG reached out to the city of Memphis via email who said the State of Tennessee owns the parcel of land where the Church’s Chicken is located. A spokesperson also said in February that a notice and referral was made to the state contact for clean-up.

As for the other spot across the street on East Shelby Drive, a notice of violation was sent to that property owner last September. Tuesday, a city spokesperson said the location is in environmental court.

“It’s obvious that no one is really doing a whole lot about it but talking,” Siggers said. “There’s got to be a solution.”

A spokesperson with the Tennessee Department of General Services said STREAM determined that the property was condemned and it is now under the ownership of TDOT. We’re told their team has been alerted of the situation and will hopefully address this soon.

WREG will keep you updated as more information becomes available.