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MEMPHIS, Tenn.- Two days after a terrifying carjacking in Midtown, the victim is one step closer to getting her car back.

The woman’s car and another vehicle stolen from Memphis were both discovered by Marion police following a shooting incident at the Crittenden County Courthouse.

Officers also captured two of her alleged attackers.

“I’m extremely relieved, but I’m also so confused and not even knowing how to process everything that happened so quickly,” said the victim, who didn’t want to be identified.

The young woman was carjacked Tuesday night by at least three masked men in a black SUV who appeared to be casing her Cooper-Young neighborhood.

“There was a car in front of me, and they pulled right next to me. I couldn’t go forward at all,” she said.

She said the masked men jumped out of their vehicle, pointed guns at her, and took her car, cell phone, and purse. She posted pictures of the stolen white Nissan Altima on social media to find it.

“I just didn’t want to die. I didn’t want them to take me with them. The only thing I was thinking of was giving them whatever they wanted,” said the woman.

Marion police said Wednesday morning, they responded to a call about shots fired on Highway 77 near North Currie.

Investigators said cameras from the nearby Crittenden County Courthouse captured video of a Jeep Cherokee speeding away from the scene.

They located the Jeep at an abandoned house. They also found the white Altima and realized both vehicles had been stolen during armed carjackings in Memphis.

Abandoned house on Beech in Marion, AR

“I heard a few different cars were stolen the same night,” the woman said.

Officers also took two people into custody and said they had several stolen guns.

The victim said she hasn’t gotten her car back. She’s not sure if she wants to drive again and said she’s already taken measures to make her home safer.

“I’ve had so many different emotions in the past 48 hours. I don’t even know how to feel,” she said.

The accused carjackers are now facing charges in Arkansas and Tennessee.