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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Memphis man is facing serious charges after police say he threatened to kidnap and torture his ex’s male co-worker and hit an officer with his car.

The incident happened December 19 outside DHL Signify on East Raines Road, but Krystopher Swain, 22, was booked in the Shelby County jail on Wednesday.

Police said Swain’s ex-girlfriend is a DHL employee. They said Swain called his ex while she was out to lunch with a male co-worker, threatened to torture her lunch date, and said ‘he is not going to make it back to work.’

Officers were called to DHL after Swain showed up at the business. Employees said Swain held up a gun and said ‘he was going to handle his business with that dude.’

An employee said after they told Swain it was not worth it, he said he had bail money.

When police arrived at DHL, they said Swain was sitting inside his vehicle. An officer reached inside the car and tried to disarm Swain but said Swain grabbed the gun.

Police said Swain began to speed away, he hit the officer’s arm with his car, and the officer fired a gunshot at Swain. Swain was not hit.

Krystopher Swain

Swain has been charged with assault on a first responder, attempted aggravated assault, resisting official detention, and evading arrest.

He was released on a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to go before a judge on January 5.