MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hundreds of FedEx pilots picketed Wednesday in front of the FedEx Express Air Operations Center in Memphis, protesting ongoing contract negotiations.

According to the Airline Pilots Association, the pilots last signed a contract in 2015. This means they are flying under work rules and pay rates from eight years ago.

“Once again, our pilots are holding the line and demonstrating their continued frustration with management’s lack of urgency to close this deal and invest in our pilots,” said Captian Chris Norman, chair of the FedEx ALPA Master Executive Council.

ALPA says they, along with FedEx management, have been in mediation with the National Mediation Board since November 2022. Negotiations began in May 2021. “While other airline managements continue to reach agreements with their pilots, FedEx fails to recognize our pilots and their contribution to the corporation’s success,” added Norman.

Last Wednesday, 99 percent of FedEx pilots authorized union leaders to call a strike.